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 Sierra Leone School Green Club (SLSGC) is an indigenous Community Based Organization which prioritizes, education, agriculture, protecting our environment and climate change it was established in 2015. The organization has been engaged in climate change sensitization and mitigation strategy across Sierra Leone. The organization began as the challenges of climate change hits local communities in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and climate change is having a drastic impact on the livelihood of the already underprivileged communities.

Sierra Leone School Green Club has been successful in achieving grassroots participation in Climate Change resilience strategies. It has also succeeded in influencing public opinion about climate change in communities.

Our audience includes educational institutions, local government structures and non-governmental organizations and local communities that are directly or indirectly been affected by climate change.

We hope to have a common agenda in the fight against climate change and make the world or our communities sustainable in the utilization of our natural resources in an environmental friendly way so that development can reach the least man in society.

SLSGC has vowed to work for the promotion of forest preservation, wildlife protection, climate change, education and agriculture.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of The Sierra Leone School Green Club rests on three solidly interested motives:

  • The development of a dedicated and sustainable relationship with the local communities;

  • The contribution to the development social, economic and political life of people taking into cognizance the environment and its resources;

  • The integration between local climate change lobby organizations and international bodies.

These principles have drove and will continue to drive Sierra Leone School Green Club’s operations both locally and globally. In terms of purporting a sustainable impact with local community.

Sierra Leone School Green Club is committed on several fronts. We must work together in fighting Climate Change and creating a more sustainable development and growth.

 Our mission

  • We seek to educate the public all in an effort to create awareness on environmental issues.

  • We seek to lobby the political will for a stable climate that will benefit all mankind;

  • We seek in engaging in activities that are environmental friendly and sustainable in a bit to reversing climate change.



To see a greener sustainable environment for all the inhabitants of planet earth (plants/ Animal).

Our license

The Sierra Leone School Green Club is a registered organization with the Rural District Council as a Community Based Organization. We also have accreditation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and other line ministries.

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